Love letter # 46

When you walk in the golden light, all is beauty. And when I touch your skin …

When you breathe the cool sweet air, when you catch the half heard song, when you shiver softly … this is how I know you’re near.

If your love undoes you, if the fences fall – then you are ready. And if we walk in light, and if you hold me, gorgeous … what else is there?

Everything is made of light – and when I’m with you, even darkness shines. And where your fingers trace a line …


Love letter # 333

Suppose I meet you again and you’re beautiful. What then? Will I blurt it out, hoping that maybe the years will simply wash away and we’ll be like kids again? Or will I just look – nod, smile, share stories, politely kiss you good night?

They say you should never meet up with old sweethearts – not at our age. Sentimentality can make you do stupid things; not to mention the middle staples of loneliness, nostalgia and dwindling opportunity.

But I can tell from your voice that you, like me, have a barely disguised hope. You must know it’s absurd. I certainly do.

Yet here I am. And here you are – sauntering in from the past. Is this what they call going backwards or … ?

Love letter # 36

All I want is what everyone wants – to love and be loved. To be near you. And when I say I love you, I mean there isn’t anyone I’d rather be with. I cannot know how long I’ll be here – but all the while I am and whatever there is of life, let me share it you. Beautiful you.