Love letter # 111

You came back to my thoughts today; although the truth is you never left them. There may be a thousand miles between us now but that space is nothing, erased by the light falling just so, bridged by half a melody.

Whatever happened happened – I see no need for blame, feel no cause for shame. We were imperfect but for a moment at least we wore the raiment of angels. When you kissed me I was king – and when I adored you, what a star you were.

Yet with all this distance, all our closeness turned to silence, all our knowing just guessing … I can still feel what it was that made it shine. It was always more than just the turn of your head or the miracle of your favour. It was a promise momentarily believed. It was a kind of finding.

And if this is a kind of loss – darling, it’s still sweet. For in the illogical maze of my thinking you are still dancing in front of me, your eyes are still the brightest lights I’ve seen.

I might still hold a candle for you – but by its softening light I now walk forward.





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