Love letter # 383

We don’t have to say, do we? This doesn’t need a name, does it? Surely, we can just be together for as long as we want to be. If you like being with me and I like being with you, isn’t that just fine? (I guess we both have our questions.)

Basically, what I think is this: if we try to own this it will turn sour in our hands. We build a wall around loveliness only to make it smaller; and I want this to be huge.

This is our lucky treasure – and look, here are some feathers we plucked from the breeze. We can make wings or we can make chains. What would you rather?

When I wake up tomorrow I want you next to me. If this would please you, it would please me. If life is a journey I will freely admit to having no idea where I’m going – but I’m more than cool to get lost with you.

I say: dance while the music still plays, kiss because you want to.

I will shine a light for you. Will you walk in it a while and make believe there is no such thing as darkness? I will.





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