Love letter # 167

I hesitate to make promises, even though I want to. I’d like to say I’ll be the best but I know I won’t. I wish I had the strength to be constant but I’m as weak as anyone who ever told a lie. I could fluke perfection for a moment – maybe a day or two – but that sheen will surely soon be smeared.

Instead, I can try to love you every day. I can give what I have to give – a little more perhaps. I can let you be you – and like it that way. I can notice when it hurts.

I may not always speak your language, nor always listen, but even the stupidest of my blunders will spring from this tenderness I have right here.

Sometimes there will be a flood, sometimes a fire. One day everything will flow, the next be dammed. But a day is not forever and a careless word is not a curse. When all my ill thought out, impulsive irrationality has crashed like the wave, all the little shells left scattered will have pearls inside.

My love may always be flawed but never, ever false. This much I can say.

Love letter # 53

Sometimes I don’t know what to say to you. All my words have turned to time bombs; and with all these eggshells around I’m best off quiet.

If you cannot accept what is before you, I cannot force you. I wish you could see it for what it was – then you would know for sure. Then I wouldn’t be writing this.

Love is never proven because it is not something measureable. It is exactly like faith in that regard. It is the very act of believing. It is something we do.

Though I have chosen to give it, you must choose to receive it, for a gift unopened is just that – a box in gaudy paper, a thing left to dust.

And love is not like water; it will not form a lake behind a dam wall. It will carve another river.

Love letter # 140

There didn’t have to be a reason. You never had to say why. Things like this just happen like that.

I’m not asking for answers – or forensics. I want to feel like yesterday. I want to see the light again.

It was when you touched me like that – that was the moment. There it was – the fire in your eyes. And me going up in smoke.

We, who had certainty, now have this. We will wake up tomorrow not knowing where we are – but there will be an anchor … And when we find it?

Maybe there are too many words. They are a poor bandage anyway. I’m still bleeding. What about you?

Love letter # 119

How did we contrive to throw it all away? What made us do that? We fought over thumbtacks, we staked silly claims, we did everything in our power to break it up. And we succeeded. Brilliant.

We had a wonderful light around us – but somehow we didn’t see it. We were on another planet, when we should have been here. Noticing how beautiful everything is. Loving each other. That’s all we really needed to do.

Love letter # 215

The moment you put a fence around it … do I have to say? We both know you can’t command love. We both know it won’t be bullied. Love is the remnant child playing, making up worlds. Love is the creator.

So don’t keep asking. You don’t have to. What’s given is given. I love you – and there’s an end to it. Do not ask me to prove it because I will gladly show it – but not on demand. My love is not a whim of your fearing.

Let me love you as I can. It may not be ideal – but it will always be love. Always a light. Always. You just need to let it flow. And if you jump in it will take you to a most beautiful sea … and that’s where I’ll be.