Love letter # 64

Remember how it was before the war got going? Why can’t we get back to that? Things were better that way. Not like this.

I swear I don’t even know how we got here. By default? Design? Too little time? Oops.

A dimming of the gloss I can accept – but please not bitterness. Whatever stupid things I’ve done – there was never any malice. Selfishness? Stupidity? You bet. But I only ever loved you. Perhaps I just sucked at it. Sorry.

I don’t wish to fight; not you anyway. If you find this intolerable – just leave. I’ll survive. So will you. But things would be better together – and you know it. So let’s stop this contest, these acid bickers. Just look at what we’re trashing.

I should just love you. I should stop hoping you’ll conform to my whims. And punishing you when you don’t. These are ridiculous things I do. Silly territorial things. And the scraps of righteousness we fight over – are they worth it?

You still send a wave of light through me – let’s love it while it shines.





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