Love letter # 288

It is all too obvious – things can’t be undone. I can wish as hard I like – and so can you – but wishing is the salted wound.

Can I see it now? Yes. But hindsight is a teacher – not a lover – and you were the right person at the wrong time. I have since learnt that the love you so fulsomely gave was an incredibly rare thing. If only I had known how to accept it.

You were the only one who gave their love freely. Ultimately, everyone else was loving for a fee. But they couldn’t see I was broke. You could. And so I pushed you away. I couldn’t let you see that. I loved you too much.

You didn’t imagine it – I loved you hopelessly. It made me sick somedays.

But none of this is why I’m writing. I only wanted to say that you taught me the difference between love and pretending – and now I won’t accept anything less.





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