Love letter # 292

… and then it was like voices singing, angels in amazing harmony, something coming from the earth but filling up the sky. Like rain when its falls in whispers; it’s cool, soft breath on my skin, so complete.

I breathe to have you in me. I sigh to understand. I drink to feel you close – that there might never be a wall between us. That we might fly.

You are like my atoms on fire. Bits of me are fizzing – electric – all of it maddening in my blood; a wild, ecstatic tide, a flood so lovely. I swear sometimes – the beauty is almost too much and I am nigh surrendered. Utterly melted. Become a part of you.

… and then I look around and see that I’m still here. One piece. Still breathing. Feeling cleansed. Light. And all because you loved me. That was everything.





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