Love letter # 127

It’s weird. I think of you for the first time in ages and you email me out of blue. You haven’t spoken to or typed at me since it had to end. And you mention that – our little thing. Our private LOL. Do you remember? you said.

I smiled to myself at the memory of it just this morning. It almost made me cry.

I tell myself all sorts of things – I’m over, it’s over, she’s not the one – but a few letters on a screen makes my blood go crazy. Why today? Why that – of all things? (Ex flames should know better than to never play with fire.)

But I’m no fool. I know the difference between words and reality. I know that your fingers on the keyboard were just indulging in a moment of nostalgic warmth. A blip-click-click of affection. Nothing more. So I’m only going to ask one thing.

Please tell me I didn’t make it up. Whatever else is true, I long for the lie that it meant something to you. Just say it – and let me go. I promise I won’t dream.





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