Love letter # 165

Remember when you said, it’s okay, I can put it away? Except you didn’t – and we kissed – then did it all and more besides. Every rule we ever made for ourselves, strewn like shirts torn from torsos. Left on the floor with everything else.

We knew we were gonna pay – and we did. Me stripped bare – you scared to death. You’re on a plane now, flying to anywhere, and I’m stalking old streets, jogging with the ghosts of old adventure.

So easy to say it was foolish – to wish it off the record – but no, I’ll not. This scar was made by beauty, this skin made new by hunger. I could scarcely have imagined a better legacy. Wherever you are, know that I am thankful. Your love and, later, your retreat, showed me the way to surrender and, later, to a strength that continues to amaze.

Never put it away, my love. Always let it flow.





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