Love letter # 138

Earlier – quite by chance – I saw an older version of you. She sat across from me on the train. I was on my way to work. She looked like she was on her way to Hell.

For a second I wondered if I was looking through time. At you as you might be. But no – it was just the shape of her face. Her mouth. Her deep water eyes.

I tried to catch her gaze – smile – but she didn’t respond. I allowed her knee to rest lightly against mine. I sent as much warmth as I could but she was locked into her world. I certainly wasn’t in it. Maybe no body was.

And when I was sure it was not you – I knew in a flash that it was me. I was the one locked inside self, overwhelmed by the incessant babble of I.

Me. Always me. My drama. My karma. No wonder I recognised it. Her wall against me was my wall against everything.

Everything but you.





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