Love letter # 207

We both know the odds. The statistics say we’re almost sure to fail – and we both have nicks and cuts to bear witness to our past mistakes. I’m sure we could sit up all night comparing them. Yet perhaps we should not be afraid to lose – but rather, be bold enough to win. Whatever win means.

Yes, it’s a cynical world – and we’re both cynics. Neither of us really buy that romance shtick anymore. In fact, that Hollywood love story thing is way past its used by. But that’s not the only kind of love – and I have no desire to live in fear. Instead, I have a desire for you.

This could well be the beginning of another misadventure but I still have room for risks and bruises and the circle of tender arms around me. I am willing to say go – perhaps just for the thrill of your kiss, perhaps for something more. Are you?





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