I Am The Silk Road

I am the Silk Road.

I am the yin and the yang.

I live in the air between cloud and ground.

I am the beautiful rain.

Lover of flowers,

Seeder of dreams,

Maker of seas.

I come from the space between night and day,

Where there is no East – and there is no West.

I ride to the place where the rivers meet.

I drink at the well of a thousand years.

In my blood the ghosts are dealing.

In my heart the gold they trade.

And in my eyes the things they saw,

And with my hands the things they made.

I am the song of every singer,

The child of every home.

I live in every village

Breaking bread with every soul.

There is no love I shall not know

On this journey by your side,

For there is no you and there is no I –

Because we are together

And we are the silk road.





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