Help to celebrate 500!

The WordPress stats machine has just told us that has reached the 500 post milestone. This landmark could be a sign either of inspired vision or perhaps just middle aged delusion (we shall leave you to guess which) but one thing’s for sure, it just goes to show that as a topic human bonding and its countless variations on a theme are a potentially endless source of fascination.

So thank you to the nearly half a million pairs of eyes that have ‘viewed’ all these billets doux over the last six and three quarter years. Thanks for reading, sharing, liking and so on.

But we’ll be honest – we would like to reach even more sets of eyes, to inspire even more hearts and minds, to send even more messages of love, compassion and empathy out into the world. Because, let’s face it, there’s so much negativity and idiocy cluttering up the cultural airwaves and it is our belief – or at least, our hope – that the deep ties of love that bind us together are more powerful than the cruelties and greed that so often divide us.

So please, help us to share, promote and recommend this site to people everywhere. Help us get not just half a million but millions of views. Help us to send millions of love letters to millions of people, to remind them that amidst the dumbed down, jingoistic noise of newsmedia and Presidential twittering there is beauty. There is hope. That we are all here together and that we can, if we choose, prefer love over gold, kindness over fear and empathy over intolerance. For without eachother we are truly lost.

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