Love letter # 480

You are beautiful in a way that defies all but the most animal logic. Much as I might try to arm myself against your pulchritude with reason or politically correct sensibility, your light shines right through the million cracks in my ridiculous defence. Even my hard earned trepidations about ‘falling for someone again’ are skirted by the fires of your splendour.

How easily we are knocked off our comfortable perches by the deeper currents of evolution and chemistry. It is humbling. Magnificent in its devastating simplicity. A shape, a scent, a sparkle in the eye. The promise of skin. The glow that follows.

So, in place of poetry, gravity. In lieu of good intention, desire.

This may indeed be a shallow missive, little more than a politely sexual confession, but in your presence and in my most urgent imaginings I am reduced – or is elevated? – to the kind of hunger that will permit neither denial nor obfuscation.

Love letter # 346

It is not simply that I love you but that, in you, I am the act of love. Your eyes turn me into light, your voice into song. When you move I am the dance – and when you leave I am the distance between stars. But your touch … now I am the very stuff of being; the act of becoming. In your presence, the unmanifest infinity collapses to a moment. A breath. A beat. A kiss.

Letter to Australians who think it’s okay to vote No to Same Sex Marriage

So, it’s okay for you to vote NO but it’s not okay for others to say I DO? Is that what you’re saying? Are your fears and sense of entitlement more important than the love of others? And exactly what is it you’re afraid of? Do you really believe you’re going to have something taken from you? Or that the country will devolve into some kind of dystopia? If so, that sounds like the victory of fear and paranoia from where we stand. Is this the precious freedom, these the sacred traditional values you would deny other citizens for? Do the words in centuries old books or the ‘poor me’ slave narratives of conspiracists really mean more to you? It would be a great sorrow if that were truly so, for though you will have kept your privileges to yourselves, upheld your customs and staved off the apocalypse until your next wave of panic, you will have done so simply to stop some people saying yes to the beautiful and idealistic risk of marriage. Is that REALLY the kind of world you want?


NB: This ‘letter’ was originally posted on the Free Love Letters Facebook page on September 18, 2017 in response to the No Campaign in Australia’s Same Sex Marriage Survey.

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