Love letter # 511

The world may well decree, logic might dictate, reason will surely give pause – but what do we care about that right now? This could be little more than a moment, a flickering light in a sea of grey. We know this – but today, tonight, it is our light. Not because we own it or we’re entitled to it; simply because we made it. Because we decided. And will decide again and again until one or both of us chooses something else. We can call it love if we want, or simply desire. Or mutual hunger. Or recognition. These are words – and our light is neither bound by them nor by history or expectation. It shines when we shine it. For now at least, we are blessed by this glorious deciding; and even if only in the faulty museum of memory, we can always have this. If we want.

Watch our inter-racial love TV series here!

Here at we celebrate the diversity and multiple nuances of love in all its forms. Many years ago, around the time that we first started this blog, we also created a TV series called Love Knows No Bounds which celebrated cross-cultural marriages. Last month, we finally uploaded the full series to You Tube, so now you too can celebrate the colour blind joy of love.

For ease of watching, we’ve cut the original six eps into eighteen seven minute bite sized chunks. Watch segment one right here.

View segments 2-17 here.

And remember, love thinks your ethnicity and culture are meaningless distinctions. We are all human first.

Love letter # 434

I understand that you have been expecting me to get back in touch. Our catch-up last week was such great fun. We got along so well. We connected. Or so it was meant to appear.

For a few minutes – and only for a few – your fawning, ego stroking act was working. It almost looked like you actually liked me. If I only could believe all that unwarranted hyperbole. Those ridiculous compliments. If only I could ignore the obvious signs of fishing – of you flattering me into your fold. Luring me into your influence.

I wonder now exactly what your objective was. Why you thought I might be fit for purpose. Why you believed I would fall for it.

Was it that barely concealed female chauvinism that so routinely passes for progressive liberalism these days? The idea that as a male I would simply not be able to see through you? Ah look, here’s a dumb little man; I’ll just laugh at his stupid jokes and pretend to be impressed by his so called smarts. Maybe I’ll giggle a bit and flutter my eyelashes. Do my simpering girly act. That should do the trick.

I’m only bothering to say this to you because, between the lines of your naked, egregious Machiavellian cynicism, I did indeed see something of great beauty. Or was it great pain? Perhaps even despair? Indeed, it could well be that I am simply reflecting your bruised attitude back at you. Your wariness, forged by wounds. Rather like my radar for manipulation.

I am too old for games. I no longer have the desire to be played or to play others. I am, instead, ready to love. To see and be seen. If you have not already deleted this message, or thrown up your shield, maybe it means that you feel the same. Or may one day wish to.

Watch our award winning ‘meta’ romance!

TWO is an award winning ‘meta’ romance; where the post-modern boy/girl thing suddenly gets very real and the rules of engagement change forever. Love may well be a game – until you get hurt. Because one & one will always make two.

Shot in around St Kilda in 2010, this minimalist 53 minute romance was written by a young Melbourne based playwright named Katie Dircks and adapted for screen and directed by the creator of – Paul Ransom. Now at last you can watch the whole film right here.


PS: TWO won Best Romance at the 2011 Amritsar International Film Festival: Australasia (aka: Barossa Film Festival).