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(More) love letters for coffee tables

Back in 2016 collaborated with Taiwan born, Melbourne based graphic designer Eric Huang – see: – to create a coffee table book called ‘Modern Love: love letters from the 21st century’ using text from this site and images from both Paul Ransom and Eric. Two years on (and sans publisher) we’ve finally decided to share a few more of our page layouts. 

PS: If you’re a publisher, feel free to offer us a deal. (No, really, do.)















Love letters for coffee tables

Back in 2016 collaborated with Taiwan born, Melbourne based graphic designer Eric Huang – see: – to create a coffee table book called ‘Modern Love: love letters from the 21st century’ using text from this site and images from both Paul Ransom and Eric. Two years on (and sans publisher) we’ve finally decided to share a few of our page layouts.














Letter to the lighter of 500 fires

It was on a night like this. That’s when all of this began; and everything before it ended. Ten years ago, almost to the hour. We were gathered for your birthday. You were turning twenty two. I was nearly twice that. At some point, prompted by you, we snuck away from the party and you said, “You know that I like you, don’t you?”

That I had guessed, the rest I had no idea about. Sure, I knew you were a storm but I did not know that the tempest you would inadvertently unleash would lay waste to my very edifice of self. That within months I would be led to the brink of surrender. Would put it all to the flame. Willingly. Maybe not gladly but with my eyes wide and clear. Knowing only that it was no longer safe to assume that I would survive the fire – except perhaps as ashes.

Of course, a decade down the road, I can enjoy the hindsight and give thanks that by offering to yield completely I was, in turn, and by slow degrees, completely liberated. For a while the advent of you was the single worst thing that ever happened to me, my most disastrous and complacent folly. If I had courted the dizzying drama of the volatile younger woman I had, instead, set in train a self-destroying momentum. Perhaps that too began as an almost literary flourish – another lovely heartbreak routine – but the reality it soon became was ruthless, relentless and ravaging. Yet I remain profoundly and humbly grateful for the fact that I was somehow able to understand that my only viable path out of darkness was to plunge directly into the heart of that deepest night – and to wrench from the ark despair its final glories. Ecstasy and deliverance.

And that is where all this – these five hundred or so love letters – sprang from. For you so steadfastly refused to allow my love that I sent it out into world instead, where, in the roaring silence, it would never be rejected. Never get spat back in my face.

My guess is that, if by chance you are reading this now, you will regard this blog monument as proof of my obsessional inability to let things go. Perhaps it would be mildly embarrassing or downright cringeworthy. I realise that it seems a bit strange – and even if I were to point out that this collection of letters long ago ceased being anywhere near all about you, I know how absurd and inflated this must all appear. For you it was just a fling that went on a bit too long. For me it was line that divides the man I am now from the one I barely recognise as being me. How differently we each view the same scenes.

If am still the hapless, needy older man fool in your memory – if indeed anything at all – well, no wonder. It could well be that I am just that. Ten years is no guarantee, and half a thousand love letters doesn’t exactly suggest moving on. Nor indeed does the act of writing this. On this night. Your birthday. The anniversary of my immolation.

“Yeah, I like you too,” I said – and in the moment that followed, when we held that deep gaze I will never forget, there was a barely discernable sound. A scratch and a spark. And before long the whole universe was on fire.

The thing is, it no longer matters what you think – or even what is true. The light from our supernova love is still flooding my world with indescribable beauty. It is still an ocean, a wave that transforms, and all these breathless billets doux are testament to its infinity. I send them out with no hope or wish for reply – for they emerge from a node of brightness and simply radiate outwards, as though the love I felt for you, which was too intense for either of us to reasonably contain, can now be expressed without restraint. Can go on forever. If only I could find a means of sharing the wonder of this with you. Then you would know.

Most likely I will think of you in my final hour and, almost certainly, you will have forgotten all but the merest scraps long before then; yet still I wonder how many letters of such love I will have penned by the time I am ready to stop. Because the first ten years have not dimmed the star one lumen – nor curtailed for one moment the extraordinary freedom of surrender.

“We don’t have to do anything about it,” you said.

“I know,” I replied – and we both knew at once what a total lie that was.

Lost for words? is designed to help inspire your next love letter – whether you just want to copy & paste or use what you unearth here as a base for your own creation. Our goal is simply to get the love flowing. To that end, we have over 500 original love letters sorted into various categories on this site, all free, all contemporary and all here for you. xx

Watch our inter-racial love TV series here!

Here at we celebrate the diversity and multiple nuances of love in all its forms. Many years ago, around the time that we first started this blog, we also created a TV series called Love Knows No Bounds which celebrated cross-cultural marriages. Last month, we finally uploaded the full series to You Tube, so now you too can celebrate the colour blind joy of love.

For ease of watching, we’ve cut the original six eps into eighteen seven minute bite sized chunks. Watch segment one right here.

View segments 2-17 here.

And remember, love thinks your ethnicity and culture are meaningless distinctions. We are all human first.

Watch our award winning ‘meta’ romance!

TWO is an award winning ‘meta’ romance; where the post-modern boy/girl thing suddenly gets very real and the rules of engagement change forever. Love may well be a game – until you get hurt. Because one & one will always make two.

Shot in around St Kilda in 2010, this minimalist 53 minute romance was written by a young Melbourne based playwright named Katie Dircks and adapted for screen and directed by the creator of – Paul Ransom. Now at last you can watch the whole film right here.


PS: TWO won Best Romance at the 2011 Amritsar International Film Festival: Australasia (aka: Barossa Film Festival).





Letter to Australians who think it’s okay to vote No to Same Sex Marriage

So, it’s okay for you to vote NO but it’s not okay for others to say I DO? Is that what you’re saying? Are your fears and sense of entitlement more important than the love of others? And exactly what is it you’re afraid of? Do you really believe you’re going to have something taken from you? Or that the country will devolve into some kind of dystopia? If so, that sounds like the victory of fear and paranoia from where we stand. Is this the precious freedom, these the sacred traditional values you would deny other citizens for? Do the words in centuries old books or the ‘poor me’ slave narratives of conspiracists really mean more to you? It would be a great sorrow if that were truly so, for though you will have kept your privileges to yourselves, upheld your customs and staved off the apocalypse until your next wave of panic, you will have done so simply to stop some people saying yes to the beautiful and idealistic risk of marriage. Is that REALLY the kind of world you want?


NB: This ‘letter’ was originally posted on the Free Love Letters Facebook page on September 18, 2017 in response to the No Campaign in Australia’s Same Sex Marriage Survey.

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