Watch our inter-racial love TV series here!

Here at we celebrate the diversity and multiple nuances of love in all its forms. Many years ago, around the time that we first started this blog, we also created a TV series called Love Knows No Bounds which celebrated cross-cultural marriages. Last month, we finally uploaded the full series to You Tube, so now you too can celebrate the colour blind joy of love.

For ease of watching, we’ve cut the original six eps into eighteen seven minute bite sized chunks. Watch segment one right here.

View segments 2-17 here.

And remember, love thinks your ethnicity and culture are meaningless distinctions. We are all human first.


Watch our award winning ‘meta’ romance!

TWO is an award winning ‘meta’ romance; where the post-modern boy/girl thing suddenly gets very real and the rules of engagement change forever. Love may well be a game – until you get hurt. Because one & one will always make two.

Shot in around St Kilda in 2010, this minimalist 53 minute romance was written by a young Melbourne based playwright named Katie Dircks and adapted for screen and directed by the creator of – Paul Ransom. Now at last you can watch the whole film right here.


PS: TWO won Best Romance at the 2011 Amritsar International Film Festival: Australasia (aka: Barossa Film Festival).





Letter to Australians who think it’s okay to vote No to Same Sex Marriage

So, it’s okay for you to vote NO but it’s not okay for others to say I DO? Is that what you’re saying? Are your fears and sense of entitlement more important than the love of others? And exactly what is it you’re afraid of? Do you really believe you’re going to have something taken from you? Or that the country will devolve into some kind of dystopia? If so, that sounds like the victory of fear and paranoia from where we stand. Is this the precious freedom, these the sacred traditional values you would deny other citizens for? Do the words in centuries old books or the ‘poor me’ slave narratives of conspiracists really mean more to you? It would be a great sorrow if that were truly so, for though you will have kept your privileges to yourselves, upheld your customs and staved off the apocalypse until your next wave of panic, you will have done so simply to stop some people saying yes to the beautiful and idealistic risk of marriage. Is that REALLY the kind of world you want?


NB: This ‘letter’ was originally posted on the Free Love Letters Facebook page on September 18, 2017 in response to the No Campaign in Australia’s Same Sex Marriage Survey.

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Help to celebrate 500!

The WordPress stats machine has just told us that has reached the 500 post milestone. This landmark could be a sign either of inspired vision or perhaps just middle aged delusion (we shall leave you to guess which) but one thing’s for sure, it just goes to show that as a topic human bonding and its countless variations on a theme are a potentially endless source of fascination.

So thank you to the nearly half a million pairs of eyes that have ‘viewed’ all these billets doux over the last six and three quarter years. Thanks for reading, sharing, liking and so on.

But we’ll be honest – we would like to reach even more sets of eyes, to inspire even more hearts and minds, to send even more messages of love, compassion and empathy out into the world. Because, let’s face it, there’s so much negativity and idiocy cluttering up the cultural airwaves and it is our belief – or at least, our hope – that the deep ties of love that bind us together are more powerful than the cruelties and greed that so often divide us.

So please, help us to share, promote and recommend this site to people everywhere. Help us get not just half a million but millions of views. Help us to send millions of love letters to millions of people, to remind them that amidst the dumbed down, jingoistic noise of newsmedia and Presidential twittering there is beauty. There is hope. That we are all here together and that we can, if we choose, prefer love over gold, kindness over fear and empathy over intolerance. For without eachother we are truly lost.

In the absence of everything but beauty.


Only in mine eye shalt thee be one,

For mine is the eye outside,

The eye that is not an eye,

The seeing that is not seeing.

The knowing that knows nothing;

For I am the I that is not an I.


When you look at me, what will you see?

No – not even the darkness.

When you come to my door, where will you be?

No – not even anywhere.

And when you ask of me, who but an echo …?

For I am the silence and you are the noise.


This is the absence by which presence is known.

This is the zero that adds up to one.

Here is the space that takes up no room.

Now the eternal outside of time – not even an instant.

Behold, it is the infinite stillness:

The empty oneness of Nothing.


If you will look quietly into this void,

You may glimpse the Absolute;

For if you will dare to see without fear

You will know at once that there is nothing to know

And if you will understand without grasping

Everything … Everything … Everything.


There is no story to tell, no purpose to unfold,

No secret meaning to wrench from mystery.

Neither is there favour or judgement, nor journey to endure –

Because we are already here.

In the indescribable, awesome embrace of Nothing.

In the absence of everything but beauty.


For that which is without form or feature,

Without person or plan,

Which cannot be divided,

Nor contained by word or thought or wisdom –

This is the unity by which unity is known.

The eye of Nothing, in which Everything can be beheld as beauty.