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Five Years On – Free love letters on FB.

Howdy folks – just wanted to thank you all for visiting, reading, sharing and spreading the love over the last five years since I began this quixotic adventure in love letter writing.

Though I have resisted the temptation thus far, I thought it was time for us to have our own Facebook page. As we all know, there’s plenty of fear, death and division out there, so perhaps a little misty eyed love will provide a welcome hiatus.

Free Love Letters Goes Social

Oh, and here’s to the next five years. ๐Ÿ™‚

– Paul: November 2015.

The Typist

Another day waking up to the echoes of you. Your name the fateful conjurer. Oh, the things that follow in its wake, they are like voices. Like a choir. And all of their songs are about you.

I watch myself doing it but still it happens. I see the pattern, the way the days unfold into desperation, yet here I am. Not yet dressed, writing about you.

Where does it come from? I do not know. I only know that itโ€™s here. That it speaks to me and I type out what it says.