Lost For Words?

In the beginning – November 2010 – Free Love Letters was doubly inspired; firstly by an intense personal experience that made such outpourings necessary and secondly by a realisation that so many people I knew were confessing that they too wished they could express themselves so openly.

My mission, therefore, was not only to pour out my own feelings in a cathartic rush but to create a treasure trove of freely available love letters for people to copy, paste, amend and send. In other words, a free online source of billets-doux* for those who had feelings to express but no words to do it.

That was then. Now, in the 2020s, the Free Love Letters collection is beyond 600. Close to half a million people the world over have accessed and hopefully used this lover’s library to find the right words – as I invite you to.

Paul Ransom
Melbourne, Australia: November 2020

* Fancy French term for love letters.

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. oooh, very nice. i read the one posted today in desire. very impressed. 🙂


  2. Matt Potter says:

    why are you or contributing to Pure Slush … ?

    go to: http://pureslush.webs.com/


  3. emmanu says:

    they are beautifull


  4. rajesh says:

    i need your email to send something


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