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Love letter # 466

How would it be if I did not love you? Easier for you – for me? No guessing left to do? No diplomatic tip-toe?

If the sight of you did not fill me full of longing and sweetness, if you were not the first thing I thought of every day, if you were not the staple of my dreams …

But you are.

I have tried, out of respect, to deny this – to keep it hidden – but we both know it has broken its banks. When we are together now, as circumstance sometimes forces us to be, we end up drenched. You with the awkwardness of my unwanted attention – me with the lovely inundation of your exceptional beauty.

So this is why I am leaving. To save us both from the flood.

I will miss you – but in time that will pass and you will become a rose tinted memory. Someone whose glory will never fade. A girl I never grew tired of. I can but hope that I will linger in your recollection with a tenth of such fondness.