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Love letter # 62

Someone asked me what it was like and all I could think to say was: we slept in the sky.

I know that every lover thinks that but that doesn’t make it shine any less. Our adventures were ordinary but they were wonderful. We drank; we sang along, we made love outside. We stalked the wee hours – they were ours. We saw the dawn together and ignored the rest of the world.

Every couple has their golden age. Ours was just another. And now …

I know, you’re expecting me say ‘tired’, ‘bored’, ‘going through the motions’. Hell no. Now we can have something much richer than romance. We can have wine. We can have the rest of time.

Let’s not surrender – except to each other. Be next to me, my beautiful love and I will be next to you.

And then even when it’s cloudy, we can still wake in stars.