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Love letter # 145

Only when I gave in to you was I was liberated. Only when I let you in was I warm inside. Only as my heart was breaking was I truly mended.

You have brought the stars to light – and you are the colour of spring. I knew nothing of the sea until I drowned in you – and all the old maps were out of date. You re-drew the world. It’s a much better place now – and I am glad to be in it with you.

Love letter # 67

When you stood next to me last night, I caught fire. The scent of your skin enfolded me. The sound of your out breath was a soft little shove, like a fingertip tracing my jawline. Something in the pool of your gaze unzipped me. And that beat before you left … that moment held. In such wonderful silences everything is known. But now I want to know more.