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Love letter # 257

Yesterday, when you were standing next to me, it was obvious. Today, more so. The thing we had. The way we resonated. So deep and wordless. Yet still we walked away.

We remember well the saw toothed grit that made the gears grind – the noise that drowned the song. The salt in wounds that made those tiny cuts scream. The things undone that built into a storm. All the reasons in the world to cut a cord. Slam a door.

So why, after all these years, did it take no more than a moment to feel again the motion of the quiet and beautiful stream that once flowed so magically through our blood? Why, in the wake a thousand squabbles, is our connection still so alive?

I cannot know the answer to this – maybe I dare not know – but what was obvious to me was how I felt in your presence and how I fell to pieces when you sailed away. How I knew for sure what I had missed. What it was I gave away when I turned my back on you.