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Love letter # 171

When I learnt to care about you I learnt to get over myself. Loving you saved me from the obsessive drama of the ego. Without necessarily planning it, you threw open the gates to something other than me, me, me – and as a result I am lighter.

The cannibalising introspection that ruled my days has become a night of splendour, a night spent loving you. By letting me give, you helped me loose the chains of control. Today the flag is unfurled, snapping gladly in the cleansing air. And why? Because what I always wanted was not mine for the taking – but mine to offer gladly.

And with your permission, I would be honoured to offer it you.

Love letter # 486

It’s like this; you walk around a corner and there it is – just like it’s always been there. Maybe you overlooked it before; perhaps you were just too busy. I mean, we all get distracted.

Then, like some flower in the garden you never gave much thought to, you are caught up in the sudden beauty of it all. You have no time to prepare a defence because now there are lovely arms around you. Now your head is full of song. Is not the heart the abruptest of organs?

You know what I’m going to say next: that you have burst into my life with serendipitous speed. I know I could stop to question it, to pick it all apart, but I’m not going to. This time I’ll go with it.

Here … this is me jumping. This is me flying. With you. Surprising, wonderful you.