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Love letter # 268

When the skin is blood and the heart is fire, and the mind is the sound of the driving rain, this is when I will know for sure. That there is only one path I can take – and it will lead me to your door. To the point where I will lay it all before you and say, without fear: this is it. Here is what I bring for you. These are my imperfect bones. This my humble love, which bears no name but yours. Belongs nowhere but here. And if you will accept it, so shall it be yours for as long as you wish it.

Love letter # 206

It’s true – I genuinely thought about not coming.

Around me – the universe I knew. Friends, family, work – and the few remnants of respect I could still count on.

Inside me – a heart seeking to re-armour itself. To avoid unnecessary breaks. Even the wild hope of me winning you back made it tremor. Falter.

But mine is the oldest story in the book; the adventure of one soul desperately seeking to find harbour and recognition in another. This impulse – for which my bloody wires are designed – lit up my imagination. It wasn’t long before I concluded the inevitable: that I would risk everything for the taste of your skin. The heartache, the stares of disbelief, the self-reproach – these are but fees for the fire – and I – like any other fool – would stumble in awe towards the brightest, most beautiful light.

If only to love you for the blink of an eye.

Love letter # 264

The way you looked last night – in the evening light – in that lovely dress – it forced me to confess. I think about you all the time and I wonder if we will ever, ever be.

I am wracked with reservation – for I have heard your stories of bad men and broken hope – but this does not mean I have not dreamed what I have dreamed. That I have not imagined your kiss. Not heard you sigh in my quiet fantasy.

And yet I know the rough and unforgiving terrain of man and woman as well as any. I have seen and felt its jarring bumps – and yes, I am more than a little afraid. But should it be your wish I will risk a further bruise for you, if only to have another chance at joy.

Love letter # 356

Why? Because it feels so good to care. Because I am a fire when I love you. For when I am most animal, I am most angel – and to wrap my arms around you in the sweet quiet of the night is to seek an audience with the light. Because when I love you this way, everything is in its place – and beauty is everywhere.