Five Years On – Free love letters on FB.

Howdy folks – just wanted to thank you all for visiting, reading, sharing and spreading the love over the last five years since I began this quixotic adventure in love letter writing.

Though I have resisted the temptation thus far, I thought it was time for us to have our own Facebook page. As we all know, there’s plenty of fear, death and division out there, so perhaps a little misty eyed love will provide a welcome hiatus.

Free Love Letters Goes Social

Oh, and here’s to the next five years. 🙂

– Paul: November 2015.


Love letter # 297

Tonight your light is of such a wondrous quality that, in the fire of its glow, I would gladly yield to the greater darkness. Your song so lovely I could fold into the oceanic silence. Here your gifts are so overwhelming that I could give them all to the void. In this moment beside you all time could cease. For with our love we have purged the world of its sturm und drang. Of its distracting drama. Leaving only this. The infinitely small and endless sea of now.

Love letter # 286

It was to your song that I danced. It was for your dance that I played. Into your deserts I went thirsty. Into your night – so bright. Along your wild roads. To the beauty of your door. That I might be beside you. And you beside me. In harmony.

Love letter # 321

I recognised you in the gaps – the tiny spaces left between busyness, bubbliness and booze. Your dark heart, shining like a beautiful star. The one who yearns, who dips and soars, who wants something more. I saw her in the silences, in the way her eyes sometimes pierced the innumerable distances. Lonely, wondering, full of extraordinary fire.

She is the one I have not stopped thinking about. She is the one I would fly across the sea to meet again. To dance with her, slow and soft. To let her know. That love is the way – dangerous and dazzling – to heal the wounds of self in the mirror of the other.