If you have enjoyed this site and would like to explore its creator’s world – or just check out some cool stuff – you’ve come to the right page.

Aside from penning hundreds of love letters, Paul Ransom works as an arts writer, creative consultant and film & video maker. Here below, are some links to some of his other content.

1: TWO – Award winning meta-romance. Paul’s 53 minute, indie/art film about a very post-modern boy/girl imbroglio – some of which was shot in his apartment.

2: LOVE KNOWS NO BOUNDS – TV doco series about cross-cultural marriages in Melbourne, Australia; particularly Chinese/Western relationships. Here below is the first of 18 short segs from the series (the other 17 are on the same You Tube channel, if you’re super keen).

3: LANGUAGE OF LIGHT – 30 min TV doco about two men from different cultures united by one passion. With only their joint love of photography to bond them, one Chinese and one Australian spend a day in the river country looking for beauty.

4: ARTY ROCK VIDEO: TIME: Evoletah feat: Katie Underwood

Paul is also a published author. His novel, The Last Summer of Hair was released via Truth Serum Press in March 2021. Check out sample paragraphs and buy your own copy in either papaerback or e-book form, by clicking here.

Cover - front

In addition, Paul’s non-fiction title, The Pointless Revolution was published by Everytime Press in 2019. As above, you can peruse a quick sample and/or order your own copy in print or e-book format right here.

Pointless front cover with hourglass

As an arts writer, Paul has contributed to quite a few magazines, websites and journals. He has published thousands of articles in Australia, UK, US & China since he became a rock journo and film critic back in 1992. Here then, a trio of samples:

1: ARTS & CRITICISMIs That Dance?

2: POLITICS & SOCIETY: Don’t Blame Me, I Voted …


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