If you have enjoyed this site and would like to explore its creator’s world – or just check out some cool stuff – you’ve come to the right page.

Aside from penning hundreds of love letters, Paul Ransom works as an arts writer, creative consultant and film & video maker. Here below, are some links to some of his other content.

1: TWO – Award winning meta-romance. Paul’s 53 minute, indie/art film about a very post-modern boy/girl imbroglio – some of which was shot in his apartment.

2: LOVE KNOWS NO BOUNDS – TV doco series about cross-cultural marriages in Melbourne, Australia; particularly Chinese/Western relationships. Here below is the first of 18 short segs from the series (the other 17 are on the same You Tube channel, if you’re super keen).

3: LANGUAGE OF LIGHT – 30 min TV doco about two men from different cultures united by one passion. With only their joint love of photography to bond them, one Chinese and one Australian spend a day in the river country looking for beauty.

4: ARTY ROCK VIDEO: TIME: Evoletah feat: Katie Underwood

In addition, Paul is also a published author. His non-fiction title, The Pointless Revolution was published by Everytime Press in 2019. You can peruse a quick sample and/or order your own copy in print or e-book format right here.

Pointless front cover with hourglass

As an arts writer, Paul has contributed to quite a few magazines, websites and journals. He has published thousands of articles in Australia, UK, US & China since he became a rock journo and film critic back in 1992. Here then, a trio of samples:

1: ARTS & CRITICISMIs That Dance?

2: POLITICS & SOCIETY: Don’t Blame Me, I Voted …


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