If you have enjoyed this site and would like to explore its creator’s world – or just check out some cool stuff – you’ve come to the right page.

Aside from penning hundreds of love letters, Paul Ransom works as an arts writer, creative consultant and film & video maker. Here below, are some links to some of his other content.

Arty rock video: Evoletah (feat: Katie Underwood): Time

Feature film trailer: Speed Dating

Short dance documentary ‘abstract”: 5 Stars Of Alignment

On the topic of film, Paul is currently developing an environmental doco called A Drop In The Ocean. Here’s a short ‘making of’ film about the project and its aims. (Btw – Paul appears in this vid, so be warned.)

Turning Of The Tide

Also, you can follow the A Drop In The Ocean on Facebook right Here!

Or check out the film’s You Tube channel right Here!

As an arts writer, Paul has contributed to quite a few magazines, websites and journals. Here’s some he currently works with and for:

Dance Informa

The Music

Eco Voice

And of course, you can follow Free Love Letters on Facebook right Here!


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