Love letter # 77

Because of you – all of this.

I know – ridiculous. I shudder when I hear myself think it but here I am saying it out loud. All for you.

Previous reasons – they were vanity. Ego seeking itself.

Now that I love you the whole world is transformed – and beauty is the temple of you. Here I am, knowing more than myself at last, afraid and exhilarated, washed clean and re-dressed.

Yesterday I walked in the desert, thirsty and not even knowing it. Today I am here with you. This time the mirage kept its promise – and I am almost drunk for drinking.

I used beg for love – now I give it freely.

Everything – all my art, all my striving, every beautiful thing I try to make – they are all born of my love.

The old me would have laughed – but he’s not me anymore. Yes, I understand his objections – but yes, yes, yes my love … I do.





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