Love letter # 76

There was a moment; that second when you … and in that beat my fear turned to brightness, my resolve gave way to keening. You cut the brake lines. You sent me shooting through space.

I was a willing sucker. I wanted it. I sang for the rushing of blood. I begged for the horses to be set free. I called forth the wildness – and that’s where you stepped in.

You are the untamed ocean. You are the promise of rain. I was a desert, thirsty for the return of the sky.

You fed me a flood. I duly drowned.

In the resulting sea of flowers I call out your name, a dazed croak in the vastness. It is said that in the middle of nowhere a single voice cannot be heard – but that won’t stop me.

I used to believe I knew music – now I’m a dancer. That no one else is watching is no reason to sit down. Even now … I still fly through the air for you.





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