Love letter # 89

You said: ‘How did this all start?” I said: “In the usual way.”

Call it hope, call it plain old gravity – hell, you could even call it stupidity. We weren’t the first. Doesn’t everybody want to believe – if only just once? I for one loved the drink of star shine.

And no – I don’t regret it. Scars are the stripes of lovers. The unwounded heart is barely worth the name.

Of course I’d do it again – with equal abandon. No one ever flew without taking to the air.

My love, I would throw you out the aircraft if it would reignite that supernova smile of yours. These drab safe walls you live behind; they will only protect you from joy.

There is no guarantee – there never was. People are imperfect, promises break, lies get told. This is the world. Better to risk it killing you than to wither alone someplace else.

So take these dice in your perfect hands and throw them high; and when they land dance amongst the scatterings as you did when you were wonderful.

You will forget me then.





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