Love letter # 22

There may well be a god – I cannot know – and some grand purpose may well have been assigned – but this would be news to me. People talk about ‘life lessons’, about ‘meant to be’ – I do not claim to understand these things.

But when you’re near me …

What is it that I am supposed to know, other than to love you? Tell me what higher thing there is. If this world is a machine and we are just genes and everything beautiful is an illusion – stupid me, I’m still a believer.

Because you are the stars to me …

I am no saint, no seer, just a man who loves you; and I have nothing more to give than this. It may not be wisdom – and it is surely not riches – but like the rain … it can bring flowers.





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  1. glitteringsootonhereyelashes Avatar

    wow. the expression in this is beatiful! i write a lot about god, maybe not visibly but subconsciously. we are all searching for one and in love we find two: we learn that we mean the world to a person and they mean the same to us. bravo! made me think. again. the heartfelt beauty of “What is it that I am supposed to know, other than to love you?” is striking. keep writing! (: xx


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