Love letter # 40

It is strange to wake up without hope. Liberating. Now at last I am free to love you as I may. No waiting by the phone. No hanging on Facebook. Just love – and moving through the day. Not weary. Not fretful. Unshackled.

So this is your final gift to me; I realise it now. Yesterday my longing was choked with ash, today my love breathes freely. Tomorrow I will light a candle for you and it will burn forever.

You are the guiding star, my beautiful. I am but a traveller making his way. And even without you – still I am not lost.

The cynics, the cruel talk, the friends who say told you so – they won’t even put a scratch on you. I know what’s true. I was there. That’s why I’m able to thank you for everything. You made a difference – and I will never be the same.





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