Love letter # 90

It is often said of lovers that one remembers, the other forgets. You can guess which one I am.

Three years ago today. Do you recall? We listened to Sigur Ros – and the whole world was ours. You asked me if love was the most important thing. I said there was nothing else. It was the beginning of everything.

So how did all that music turn to silence; all that closeness to miles? And what has time done to us?

I know that it’s really quite mundane – that it happens to everyone – but I still can’t fully grasp it; let alone accept it. Yes, I walk through the days. Yes, I function. But that’s all.

In my chest there remains a knot. I feel it like a weight, like a strain in the breath. It is the part of me that still loves you. It is my heart.

Perhaps it is the cold silence I hate most; maybe that’s why I’m writing this. For even a lone voice is something. Even a memory.

I mark this day and honour you – for even now I would still grab fire from the sky and fashion stars for you.





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