Love letter # 115

The world rattles, noise outside, busy with itself – but when those bright lights lose their lustre the rush is just an hour, a pretty, distracting drive by. And try as it might the clatter cannot cut the thread.

For there are things that hold us together: the long and lovely narrative, the bittersweet anchor, the subtle undertow. Things louder for being quieter; like the turn of your head, that certain gesture, the way that years fold down so acutely to moments.

This is what we sleep with tonight; this is what we wake to. Our heritage, the memory that stirs in our blood, the flowers growing beautiful in our garden. We are rich like the earth with dirt and history.

I am moved to wander in the ancient mists with you, to walk quietly and forever. And I shall breathe the same air as you … and know.





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