Love letter # 104

You came towards me in the coldness, in the warmth you went away. In the night, you slept beside me; in the day you drained away.

You never meant to – that much I’m sure – but the light shone regardless and all was transformed. You only wanted a kiss, not all this. But you were all the beauty in the world. And I was all eyes.

You were everything once, now there’s something else. Open doors. Rooms that fill with light. You knocked the walls down and now I’m free to breathe. And the cool air passes through me; surrendered, on my knees. Bending – not breaking. Alive.

You never knew it – but the thing you tried to keep from me was the greatest gift you gave. You asked me not to love you, so I learned to love instead. And it’s magnificent. Thank you.





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  1. Maree Avatar

    Beautiful. .


    1. manwhowritesloveletters Avatar

      Thank you, Maree. 🙂


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