Love letter # 244

It is the light that makes the night seem darker – the black that makes the bright seem wondrous. These two are dancers. They move as one. I know this because I love you. And because I have this crazy feeling, I can see clearly that you don’t.

I could be sad about this – and sometimes I am – or I could be silent – which until now I have been. But I have this insistent flower inside me and it opens up whenever you are near. And it fills every corner of my body and colours all of my various imaginings with a radiant warmth and an almost oceanic compassion. As though I could love the whole world. Like a star is bursting in my heart. Pouring forth its beautiful light.

How could I ever keep such a thing locked away? Why would I not give this flower its share of the spring? For even if it airs for just a second, in a few foolish words, it will have brought more love into the world. I feel that maybe something of it might ripple out, far beyond you and me, and be of some comfort – perhaps even some joy – for those whose names I do not know but whose love I am presently alive with. I want to say it – type it – because one day, long after the supernova, the light will arrive across immeasurable distance and bathe some cold and barren rock in glory. And your incredible beauty – and the love it has ignited in me – will not have burned for nothing.





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