Love letter # 251

I know I have said it a million times – perhaps I will say it a million times more – but for me it bears repeating. It is why I am here today. On the crest of something.

Because if asked what I would have given for you, I would have said burn everything. Set fire to the universe.

And having known such exceptional, innocent clarity how could I possibly return unchanged to the noisome contest of thought or the ridiculous folly of control? For when you have been dissolved in a sea of desire and you have become the ocean it makes little sense to play at islands.

So I sit here in the earthbound box that is my world, typing out the last steps of a journey that began with your beautiful eyes. It is as though – slowly, very slowly – I am learning what you already knew. That there is a place of pure love. And, if we allow ourselves to surrender to it utterly, we shall be set free.





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