Love letter # 499

There is a certain song – I’m sure you know the one. Whenever it plays I am in your arms. Suddenly, the distractions of my busy day and the vanity of my ambitions are dissolved and I am reconnected with what truly matters. My unbounded, undying and all-encompassing love for you. The sheer beauty of it makes me feel. Strips away my hubristic thinking and arrogant resistance. Returns me to the core.

Whenever I hear it I love you like forever. I cherish you as I do life itself. And I yearn to be next to you. If only I could play, I swear this song would be my troth to you. But I am a poor fool instead – making do with the clumsy clunk of words.

Yet even as the song ends – my love remains – so much more than an echo. So much more than anything else.





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