Love letter # 337

As I have grown older I have come to realise that part of loving is knowing when to stop. Much as it saddens me to say, that time has now come. Your accidental utterance – your Freudian slip – the other night has let the cat out of the bag; and though my heart is broken my mind is clear.

You are a truly wonderful woman. I love you with a passion that has all but consumed me. But try as I might, I could not turn the key to your heart. And now that I have heard you say it so plainly, I can no longer continue to hope in the face of the facts. If there is no light, there is only dark – and in the dark I shall not dwell.

Perhaps you will feel the loss of our friendship and curse my stupid love – but there is no well put argument that can hold a candle to the fire of feeling. Had not that spark taken hold none of this would be happening. But it did. And these are the ashes.

Having said that, I am glad to have loved you – and that sound of your laughter made my heart sing. That the brush of your hand made the whole world right. And how can I ever forget those few times when I lived in genuine hope – when it really did seem that you would come over to my side? How beautiful those nights were. What cleansing joy I felt.

In the years to come it will be these things – these, and your exceptional loveliness – that will live in my heart and give me the courage to believe again.

Thank you.





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