Love letter # 305

Although time and aeroplanes have put distance between us – and mismatched desires once drove a knife into our togetherness – the years and the miles have not dulled my central affection for you. Whatever the dramas and disputes were back then, the light that drew me to you shines as bright as it ever did.

Though I am aware that hindsight and nostalgia are themselves warping prisms, I recall the connection we had and I realise that it is precisely this that I am searching for now. Something real and deep and affecting. Something committed and risky. Something that changes me utterly. As my love for you once did so profoundly.

And so today, I send you warmth and well wishes and humble thanks. That which you gave me was more than you will ever know. More than sex or validation. More than mere support or recognition. Perhaps I cannot find the words to say clearly what it was (is) but I feel it every day and I honour you for it.





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