Love letter # 247

Because we were together, nothing else mattered.

I am sure we now both find that sentiment a little far-fetched and adolescent. Having worked out that what we really wanted to put our efforts into were money and achievement and status, we naturally drifted apart. No little wonder there.

So now we have a house of dust covered trinkets. Business cards with egotistical titles in tiny print. And loneliness.

The thing is, today – with the sky a perfect blue and the breeze soft like the look you used to give me – it struck me that we were right all along. If we were together right now – strolling, doing coffee – and we could throw off all the myriad millstones we both chose to carry around with us – sideline the built up bitterness of history – it would become true once more.

Just being near; that would be our greatest treasure – and we would have our freedom back.



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