Love letter # 380

Have you ever felt that someone really gets you? Sees you, hears you? I used to answer no to all these questions. Then I met you.

It wasn’t just that our eyes met and liked what they saw. Yes, it was a kind of chemistry but it went much deeper than the obvious allure.

I think I saw the person inside you peering out at me from behind the bars – as I looked out at you.

Is it truly a hopeless folly to believe that we can reach out across the space in between? Set off a spark in the thin air? Help find the keys for one another?

Though we live in a world that dreams chiefly of itself are we not also free to believe in the idea that with our loving we may change the world? That we may paint the night with stars.

Then again, perhaps all I know is that my vision was filled with you last night and that this morning I am about to send you this.





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