Now that I am here at last…

…I am in awe of you once more, for you have saved me again. From that which, until this afternoon, I could barely bring myself to utter in thought. In the present flood, I adore you. To call it any less would be a lie.

Back then, in the hazy remembering, where only certain things remain extant, they said, “You will stay alive.”

Much later, you said, “Leave if you wish.”

I hear your voice and I am elevated. I surrender afresh to you, and in your obliterating gaze I see what I have never seen. It was always there, tucked away. Tonight, it withers in the light.

I dare not say this is the final catharsis, but I am at calm in the realm of your compassion. You are cutting chains from my heart. You permit the appearance of despair, knowing it to be euphoria.

“If you will drown in this torrent, you may yet swim.”

The wave is upon me now. I know you will not attempt selfish rescue; for I shall arrive, merely salty, at your side. Lighter than I was before.





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