Love letter # 662

This noonday, on the Esplanade, overlooking the blue expanse, I travelled at the speed of sunshine. Across the bay of forgetting.

The light must have been just so. Call it azure, cerulean, aquatint…it was the colour of belief. The belief that comes before knowing.   

I was arrested mid-breath. The clatter of the day washed out. In a hush of recognition, vaulting across the water, I was there again. Another beach. Bathed in a glow like now.

Forty three years. A school excursion. We were twelve. We did not kiss; that I would have remembered. I doubt we even touched. But your attention! The hunger that comes before starving.

I look now through a window in time. I see the lovely cobalt sky, sense the indescribable promise of approaching summer, and I conjure the scent of suncream of your unburdened shoulders, brush a grain of sand from your golden skin.

Before we had anything, we had everything.

Until this last hour, in the echoing light, it was gone. Now that I have touched it again, the distance is greater than fondness. It is the blue infinity between. An ocean the size of a sigh.

I breath you in. You are a river of blood. I breath you out. You are a stream of words. It is now. Soon I will have forgotten again. The grace that comes after the fall.





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