Love letter # 507

With you, I was beautiful. It was transformative. It changed the way I saw the world. As though, with your eyes, I could see through the congealed disappointment of years. Where darkness and doubt once reigned, in your advent, light and liberty were unfurled.

Until then, you were the gorgeous detail I overlooked – in the world, in the mirror. I saw only the endless flaws that others pointed out. Then your loving gaze stripped me back to naked potential, and I was recast in the image of your vision.

Even now, in your absence, I remember in my sinews the redemptive thrill of it all. Today, the slings and arrows leave scant indentation. Self-hate is quickly countered. I close my eyes and see instead the beauty you beheld.

Your love still alters everything. Mostly the way I live with myself, for which I thank you every day.





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