Love letter # 634

I don’t mean this to sound like obsession…but I still think of you. Not in words, or in imagined scenes, but with a strange kind of sensing. Muscle memory perhaps. Something unconscious. It is as though there is a door in space and time through which I can pass in a blink, one that brings me back to your side.

Curious, how some connections remain, despite the obvious severance. There is a lifetime between us, yet you are still with me. An essence of you anyway. Even if I’m imagining it, it still feels real. As close and as far as you are in the here and now. The doorstep. The ocean. In the end it doesn’t matter. I think of you and a wave of tenderness fills me to the lip.

It does not need explaining. I simply acknowledge it. Whatever it is. And I taste the salt of a single tear. It is the crystal trace of something that never truly went away.





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