Love letter # 539

5:47pm. It is the precise colour of my love for you. The angle of the light is just about cutting me in two. The irrecoverable distance. The distance of my inability to say. The distance of your other life.

I take solace in present company. Sunlight on a solitary stem of wild grass. The bustle of nearby birds, watching me from their veil of foliage. The aromatic embrace of sweet, rich soil. Like the scent of intended kisses. Sending them to you now. Long overdue.

Now the ghost of your breath. Evening breeze dislodging a shower of leaves. Summer’s canopy turning to autumn. They catch in my hair, as if your touch was landing at last. I kneel on the soft belly of the earth. Enfold me in your heavenly body.

I return to my room. You are not here. I slow my breathing, so as not to let you go too soon. I conjure words. They take your place. I say your name out loud. I wait in the quiet after until I am sure you are gone. With what is left, I too move on.

6.47pm. After all that, the distance is an hour. Such small infinity.

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