Love letter # 0707

14. That’s how many years. Since you sat across from me. Dissolved me in your gaze. Seems like forever now.

Yet…but an instant. A thought. The triggering of a current in my wires. I may not be the same man, but the body holds the charge you left in me. The memory tells its story once more, with minor variation. I can feel the warmth of your form. I am what remains of that fire. The forest renewed. Roots in your soil.

Today I speak to the twin ghosts of yore. The girl I remember and the woman you have become. How unimaginable the distance between them.

My sorrow is the sea. The sky my joy. Here now, the rain. Wash everything away. In the oblivion of your love all things unwind. Now there are no years. Nor miles. The tips of our fingers brush, our breath in sync.

I see again the slow flutter of an eyelid. I notice your lashes. And eternity.       





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