Love letter # 600

Do I take the risk? Become vulnerable again. Open up to the possibility of joy and sorrow. Let someone in.

We are no longer young and driven by the compulsions of sex and coupling. We have lived through the multiple disappointments of damaged intimacy and witnessed the collapse of flawed fantasy. Neither of us are believers.

Yet, neither are we apostate. There is, in the air between us, a sense of something possible. Improbable, but not unthinkable.

Today, I consider the costs, peruse the wounds – the ones we all feel – and wonder what might happen if the blood flows anew. Will I bleed out this time? Will they find me on the floor?

In pondering these things, and feeling as I do, I am already vulnerable. Defences breached. Open to the fate of desire. Hope, the siren, sings, and I dance without tethers. Alone for now, yet…imagining myself in your embrace.

“What now?” I hear you whisper. If you are reading this letter, you will know my answer.  





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