Lovers on the Belgrave line

Look at them. So in love. Or lust. He slumps, gawky teenager, back into the seat. She hovers, gazing down into his eyes, the light bright in hers. They are soft, plump like buds. The air is imbued with their desire. Flowers and honey.

I catch my breath, stop myself from obvious swooning. In the gravity of recollection, I land beside you. The younger me entranced all over again by the unforgettable fire of our fusing. In this flame we forged our union against the world. You and me, bella. Fighting the fight with our weapon choice. The love we carved from fantasy and familiarity.

She leans forward, kisses her slouching beau. In his smile he is the king of the everything. In his gaze she is the goddess of heaven.

I turn away, vaulting across years, and the adrenalin of your loveliness courses fresh through my veins. I blink, halting sentimental tears, and when I turn back, they are gone. And in their absence, for a few minutes at least, I love you like we still had forever.





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