Love letter # 598

For a minute I thought perhaps I was in love with you. On reflection, I am simply becoming addicted to your attention.

It has been an age since anyone attended to me so closely, and with such affection. Likewise, it has been intoxicating to see my impact on another. To matter, if only for a moment. Forgive me if these things have gone to my head. Your presence has reminded me how alone I have been.

There will be moody behaviours – of this I am sure – but I promise not to declare my love in dramatic, romantic, sexualised ways. Thus, I shall spare our blushes. There will be no eggshells, no awkward avoidances to navigate.

This will be my only utterance. From here, let us proceed in gentle kindness, in mutually tender respect. For this may well be another kind of love. One we can sustain. One that will not burn, nor leave us with the ashy disappointment we have known too many times before.

The flames of passion extract a tax – a tithe I will not make you pay.





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